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Kai Hou is a talented and  versatile circus artist. He brings a powerful and creative energy to the stage, known for his dynamic and highly skilled acrobatics, he has thrilled audiences all around the world.


 Born in Henan province of China, he started his strict training at the age of 5 in Wushu and Martial arts at the Henan Martial arts school. This gave him a strong foundation for his acrobatic training in the following years. At the age of 8 Kai was selected for the Beijing international Arts School where he trained for the following 4 Years. After graduating, he performed throughout China and the world with the China Acrobatic Troupe for 3 years. 

In 2011 Kai started to work as a solo artist, he performed and won the Chinese talent TV show, and performed for the Chinese president Hu Jin Tao and Xi Jin Ping. He has since performed all over the world for many different events and companies including 'Cirque Du Soleil , Britains Got talent, Das Super Talent,Brit Award,  Les 7 Doigts de le main show ‘Traces’ He stunned audiences on Youtube with his video Kai Hou which received millions of views in just 1 week and Kai holds the Guinness world record for the most backhand springs (50) performed in 1minute.  


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